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PaperChase Graphics Bar Code and Label Systems Inc.

Pre-approved printer of PARS, PAPS, A8A and any bar code Customs Control Document.

PaperChase was instrumental in developing the bar code systems that clear all freight entering and or leaving Canada, USA, Mexico via Truck, Rail, Sea and Air. Those pre-arrival bar code systems called PAPS, PARS and A8A and Customs Bar Code Labels, along with Canada Customs B3 Bar Code labels are now used by over 8,000 of our transportation clients. Millions of shipments per year are cleared by North American Customs Border Crossings using our pre-authorized Printed Bar Code Labels.

Our labels have been pre-approved and are ready to use the day you receive them. All other labels ordered from non Certified suppliers will need to be tested by Gov’t Customs Control label staff to ensure they meet Gov’t requirements. This process can take up to 4 weeks if using a printer who is not Certified, but with our labels you can you use them the day you receive them from us. We ship your labels the day you order them, overnight air or ground, if ordered prior to 12:00 PM. 


PAPS (Enter USA)


A8A (Enter Canada)


PARS (Enter Canada)