Bar Code Image Files

PaperChase has been designing in-spec Bar Code Image Files for over 25 years. We issue  .eps files because that is the industry standard that the graphic industry expects , and along with the .eps file supply you with a .jpg file format.

Only Graphic Artists / Printers usually purchase the higher end software needed to handle .eps files, so we supply the .jpg for you to use as a proof. .jpg .bmp and .prn files are NOT a file you want to use for your bar codes.

If you look at our link ( Why the GS1US.prn file is not a perfect barcode file ) it explains why Graphic Artists / Printers demand an .eps file format. I have been in the Print industry for 45 years and I can honestly say any artist / printer who accepts a .prn file has not been in printing long at all.

When we supply the files we include a letter that you can send to your artist / printer explaining how to handle the file.

We usually get the images to you within an hour of the request.

Cost for one .eps  image file at a time is $ 10.00 ( you always get the .jpg included for free).
Cost for 2 to 9 .eps  files  $ 8.00ea
10-19 files  $7.00ea
20 to 30 $6.00ea
More than 30 files negotiable, but can be as low as $2.00ea for larger bulk orders.

In 25 years we have never had a bar code fail due to our sent image design.

Email us the bar code number / numbers with or without the last check digit, along with your company information, name, billing address and phone number.

If multiple numbers, we can accept an excel sheet from Data Hub, or your own excel sheet.

We accept Visa MC and or Amex by phone only and will call you.